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Ion Exchange Method
Hypochlorous Acid Water
Generating Machine


Wonders brought about by innovation!
A masterpiece made with advanced manufacturing technology equipment.


Product features

Highest quality hypochlorous acid water generation technology

■The Ion Exchange Method


Eva Maker is a device that produces hypochlorous acid water using the ion exchange method. The raw materials for the ion exchange method are water and sodium hypochlorite. If left as is, it is alkaline like regular bleach, but By ion-exchanging the water, it turns alkaline into acidic. Therefore, it is possible to produce highly pure hypochlorous acid without using additives, and the manufacturing method also allows for pH adjustment. Other manufacturing methods include electrolytic method and mixing method. The electrolytic method is a manufacturing method in which salt is added to water and electrolyzed, and although it is widely used, it has the disadvantages that it cannot produce high concentrations, salt remains in the water, and hypochlorous acid easily decomposes. The mixing method allows production of high concentrations, but powerful chemicals such as hydrochloric acid may be used to make it acidic.


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